Welcome to Phuket Elephant Care

Our Elephants Live Matter!

An unforgettable visit that will warm your heart up by the awareness and cuteness of elephants. Welcome to Phuket Elephant Care. we are a safe home for elephants. Nomore mistreatment or violence to our friend. Phuket Elephant Care emphasizes a healthy, and stress-free environment for our elephants. The tranquil and beautiful location is surrounded by fruitful forests and natural mud and pool which are very likely to be elephant habitats.

Observing the most wonderful bond between local Mahouts and elephants, thw beautiful relationship between caretaker, and the value of the elephant's well-being. We are on the way to being the future of elephant and awareness tour company with the balacing of happiness through our wildlife. local community. and our precious visitors. A professional eco-friendly elephant's camp with full-quality servics. We run our camp with passion and are willing to see the changing of new perceptions of the world, more love and respect for our gentle and lovely elephants in Thailand. Support us to complete our goal!

Phuket Elephant Care Program

  • ฿ 1000 THB |Person
  • ฿ 2000 THB |Person
  • ฿ 2500 THB |Person
  • ฿ 4200 THB |Person